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Stan Wilkinson’s South Dallas Turf C7 Z06

Stan Wilkinson’s South Dallas Turf C7 Z06

When you hear the name "South Dallas Turf" it may not immediately conjure images of a formidable racecar. But don't let the unassuming name fool you. This is a beast of a machine, with its multi-color wrapped exterior, Kawasaki green roll cage, striking two-tone gloss interior, and proudly displayed company logos on the doors. The exterior entices you to dive further into the build and see what truly makes a race car at this level. It is a true testament to the power of innovation and customization through Motorsports. 
Powerplant: At the heart of this incredible beast is a 468ci LT4 engine. A powerhouse that's capable of delivering sheer adrenaline at the press of the pedal. But raw power isn’t the only thing that makes a true racecar. This is where the GSpeed team took this engine and transformed it into a precision instrument of speed and control using Motorsport grade components.
Precision Control: To take this car to the next level GSpeed has tapped the leading manufacturers in Motorsports. Attached to that 468ci powerplant is a paddle-shifted, air-actuated EMCO sequential transmission that seamlessly transfers power to the ground. Behind the scenes, a MOTEC M150 ECU with a PDM30 and a C127 dash working in harmony to tie it all together. Electronics still need proper wiring to bring it all together. This is where custom GSpeed Mil-Spec wiring harnesses that run from the head to the tail of the car come into play. This meticulous attention to detail ensures precise data acquisition and delivery, a crucial aspect of any high-performance machine.
Cooling Excellence: Conquering any form of racing isn't just about speed, it's also about endurance and reliability. That's why the GSpeed team has incorporated our oil, transmission and differential cooling systems. These packages are comprised of Motorsport grade components that are made to last in the most extreme track conditions.
Handling Like a Dream: Being able to control and transition smoothly between straights and corners is arguably the most important aspect of tracking any racecar. To make this happen GSpeed has applied their own Penske shock package to join the adjustable sway bars on the car. With the ability to independently adjust compression and rebound on the shocks you can fine tune the chassis response to suit track conditions and driving style. These components work in harmony to deliver impeccable handling and responsiveness, ensuring that the car stays glued to the track.
Aerodynamic Difference: With a car that can produce big power you soon find the need to increase the ability to carry speed through the corners. That is where aero components come into play. Using a completely new GSpeed radiator cradle they have been able to allow for the installation of the Carbon Fiber GSpeed C7 splitter. Unlike some aero components you see, this splitter directs every ounce of downforce created directly to the chassis. Once you have the downforce needed on the nose of the car you must be able to add the correct amount of downforce to the rear of the car. To create this balance, the team at GSpeed drew on their race experience to design a rear wing package that will absolutely catch your eye. This insane 72” wide full carbon adjustable wing element is capable of producing substantial downforce when needed. Directing that downforce is where the wing uprights and billet chassis mounts do their work to fully balance the aero package. All of this is accomplished while still complementing the appearance of the car.
Braking Confidence: Now that we have a car that is more than capable of producing speed and being able to carry that speed there is still a very important aspect to address. For braking, the GSpeed team utilize yet another great Motorsport source in Essex AP Brakes combined with Cobalt Racing Brakes pads. These components are high grade to say the least. Taking these to the next level though is a BOSCH Motorsport M5 ABS system. This is true Motorsport equipment in its ability to read what the car is doing and provide phenomenal braking performance that is fully adjustable for the driver. This combination provides exceptional stopping power, making it a very formidable contender on any track.
The GSpeed Team: When the word team is used it can mean a lot of different things. Our team at GSpeed is a group of enthusiasts with professional Motorsport backgrounds that love the sport that they are involved in. To bring a car like Stan’s GSpeed prepared C7 Corvette to life is a team effort, and the GSpeed crew has a lot to be proud of. Every member of the team played pivotal roles in bringing this beauty to life. We owe a big thank you to them for their unwavering dedication that helped turn a dream into a reality.
Conclusion: Stan’s GSpeed C7 Corvette defies expectations with its unique name and extraordinary features. It's not just a racecar, it's a work of art and engineering prowess. From its stunning exterior to its meticulously crafted powertrain and handling systems, every detail has been carefully considered to create a machine that's truly exceptional. This Corvette is a testament to what happens when passion, precision, and performance come together on the track. It's not your typical racing car, but that's exactly what makes it so remarkable!
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