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Please Note; Item Shipping Times May Vary. Please Contact for Accurate Estimate
Please Note; Item Shipping Times May Vary. Please Contact for Accurate Estimate


Dyno & Tune


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GSpeed offers two unique solutions for checking the health of your powertrain

First, we offer an in-ground Dyno-Jet that allows a car to be driven onto the rollers, strapped down, and tested. We use this to not only test the health of the powertrain, but in many situations we offer tuning in order to optimize the power. We commonly have vehicles that have modified parts such as exhaust, intake, engine parts, etc. Not only do we verify the upgrade in power, but we can typically check the air/fuel ratios and timing to ensure the tune is safe. Dyno-Jets are fairly common and you’ve likely seen videos of them as you surf around.


Second, we offer a Main-Line hub dyno. This type of dynamometer is a bit different and we remove the drive wheels and tires and bolt the dyno directly to the hub. While the Dyno-Jet is an inertia dyno where the car basically accelerates a heavy drum, the Main-Line dyno uses powerful electric motors to counteract the power the engine produces. This allows us to ‘hold’ the engine at a certain RPM during tuning, even while the throttle is wide open. Since high horsepower cars (~800 and up) can frequently ‘spin’ on a Dyno-Jet, out Main-Line sees the majority of the big power cars we check and tune.


We typically charge per hour for the dyno and tuner. Occasionally we’ll run ‘dyno-days’ or if you need a dyno-graph for a specific racing class, we can handle that too.


Third (bonus!), we have a track! Frequently we’ll have our driver exercise a car on the 1.3, 1.7 or 3.1 mile track here and use an on-board data recorder (many ECU’s have this ability) to record what the engine is doing. We can analyze post session and make changes if needed.


Let us know if you have any further questions and we’re happy to discuss.