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Please Note; Item Shipping Times May Vary. Please Contact for Accurate Estimate
Please Note; Item Shipping Times May Vary. Please Contact for Accurate Estimate


GSpeed Corvette rolling chassis program

GSpeed Corvette rolling chassis program

We have been building a lot of chassis lately, and its a service we offer, but dont really talk much about outside our home location. The idea behind this is to simplify the race car building process. Many times, people convert a street car into a race car which is less than Ideal, because you have costs associated with the street car that are not needed in racing, so you end up throwing them out. Say, seats, interior, stock wheels, brakes, engines, etc.

This idea of building a race car ground up is nothing new, and its the best way to build a car as you save all the weight and skip the compromises, its just more difficult and time consuming.

Since the chassis and cage setup is something that most DYI’er can’t do at home we have taken care of this for you by having a legal cage expertly bent and attached to the frame and ready for you to start bolting your components to it.  

We are working on having caged chassis in stock, but its been so popular lately, we have yet to get ahead of the curve.

  • Chassis can be aluminum or steel, but there is a cost difference
  • with suspension, or not
  • with spherical bearings, or not
  • with drop spindles, or not

If one wanted to take the build further, it would be easy, but this is what most do when they go this route, and assemble it at home.



Have questions?  Give us a ring at the office to find out more!  

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