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Free Shipping Now Available For Most Orders Over $99! Click For Additional Details


M142 PNP - Toyota GR Yaris

by MoTec
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*Please note: These are not available for purchase online. This is purely for informational and pricing purposes. Please contact us directly via phone for details on an M1 system for your project.

This M142 Plug-In Kit provides a complete replacement for the OE (original equipment) ECU for the Toyota Yaris GR 2020. Using existing wiring, the original fuel system and sensors, it delivers convenient installation with fully programmable control.


Along with fuel, ignition, throttle and camshaft control, this Kit also supports other OE ECU features, including:

  • Selectable Drive Mode including Normal, Sport, and Track using OE controls
  • Head-Up Display
  • Direct injector with high pressure fuel pump control and secondary port injector control (saturated high-ohm injectors only)
  • Cruise control
  • All OE dash functionality including warnings


This kit fully integrates with these original systems:

  • Direct fuel injection
  • Starting systems
  • Dashboard
  • Drive Mode
  • Differential
  • Electric Power Steering


Included GPR features:

  • Lap distance, time and number via BR2 or switched input, with split and sector options.
  • Vehicle speed limiting (pit speed control).
  • Launch control
  • Race time system with tables for ignition timing trim, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, and throttle limit.
  • Configurable anti-lag with ignition timing limit, fuel volume trim, ignition cut, fuel cut, engine speed limit, boost aim and throttle aim tables.
  • Traction control with tables for aim main, aim compensation, control range.