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Free Shipping Now Available For Most Orders Over $99! Click For Additional Details



by GSpeed
Original price $1,745.00 - Original price $3,295.00
Original price
$1,745.00 - $3,295.00
Current price $1,745.00

C5 Guys.... Here's a quality spherical bearing package that you can install with basic tools, a vice or press, and following the directions in your own home or shop. This is the reason we have spent several years, two manufacturers, and numerous sets of arms installed in house. So they can be installed easily.

We’ve measured over 100 control arms, and have come up with a tolerance that we feel is acceptable to finally send to the customer for install. No more sending arms in. No exacerbated costs. No fitment issues. We plan to offer an arm exchange service if you still wish to go that route, but that’s not the driving factor for these.

  • Hard anodized bearing housing prevents galling should you decide to press in
  • Plated 4130 steel upper shafts and spacers
  • Easily installed with out crazy tools or big machinery
  • PTFE lined oversized  standard upper bearing
  • PTFE lined oversized lower bearings where possible for increased durability on slicks and R compunds .
  • Lifetime guarantee on the bearings through GSpeed.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless clips and safety retention devices
  • Offset milled upper pins for approximately .4* increase in camber.
  • Lead time to ship currently does have a slight delay.

Here are short video links to show easy our GSPEED Spherical Bearing components are to install.