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by GSpeed
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Our latest release is our new GSPEED Hot Rod Harness. This is a harness specifically designed for the LS engine, utilizing the ability to base your build around the powerful MOTEC M150. It also allow to do this without having ancillary items such as ABS, BCM or gauge cluster.

The ideal purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Road race build utilizing standalone ABS with a C127 dash display
  • Drag car build utilizing no ABS and generic dash display
  • Engine dyno harness
  • LS powered off road build (sand rails, built trucks, etc.)
  • Street rod build with LS power that can go above and beyond any current control systems

The options for this system are endless for your install. We include:

  • CAN output to DATA Display of your choice
  • MOTEC LTC connection for accurate Lambda readings
  • Connector for direct wheel speed input
  • Connectors for fuse panel integration
  • All mission critical connections for sensors and outputs: crank position, cam position, coolant temp, air temp, coils, injectors, oil pressure, fuel pressure, electronic throttle, electronic pedal, crankcase pressure or similar re-purposed 5V signal.
  • Can be upgraded to control lever/flat shift/auto blip for sequential transmission. Paddle shift can also be used when combined with MOTEC dash and adapter harness. 

Options for M150, LTC D and sensors are available. Contact us for additional sensor details.