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by GSpeed
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Corvette’s have long had issues with staying cool on track even in stock trim. It isn’t uncommon to see water temps north of 230 and oil temps in the 300 range in the summer months on track.  This does nothing to help the life of your engine and will quickly lead to failures.  

Upgraded radiators can only do so much to help, but for many that is all the market had to offer the home mechanic working on their own car. 

GSpeed has long been doing a number of upgraded cooling kits for our customers here in Texas and we have now made a kit easy enough for the DIY mechanic at home that needs help keeping their high hp Corvette alive during those 100+ degree days on track.  

Over our years of testing we have consistently seen 205-230 degree oil temps using this package on cars ranging from 525 to over 600 whp!  You will also see a good reduction in water temps as well since the lower oil temps will help keep the engine overall cooler, so it is a win win!   

1 to 1.5 quart oil capacity increase will also aid in the drop of oil temp by having more volume to work with.   

System can be done at home in approx 6-8 hrs using hand tools in your garage.  Only the removal of the fog lights is required for basic install.  **Those factory equipped with oil coolers, this will replace it**

We have the basic kit to include the coolers, duct work, and our own mount kit all the way to a full service kit with hoses, fittings, adapter block and fans if one desires.