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by GSpeed
Original price $6,500.00 - Original price $13,000.00
Original price
$6,500.00 - $13,000.00
Current price $6,500.00


This product has been over a decade in planning. Running a blade adjustable swaybar on a Corvette has always been a race car only thing. Modified frames, severely modified control arms. Narrow range of motions that needed resetting after large ride height changes.... We were able to solve all of those issues and create a complete, full bolt in front blade adjustable sway bar for the C5 and C6 Corvettes. It’s still a track only part, and the price tag reflects that of something you would only find on a race car. We’re now able to achieve 2-2.5* the stiffness of a T1 front bar and anywhere in between, yet losing almost 5lbs off the nose.  We’re using precision cut blades and a 5 axis machined blade housing to prevent warpage from welding, post weld boring, all of which significantly cuts down on fab time.


Sway bar options are:

  • Front
    • 51 mm
      • Thin wall
      • Thick wall 
    • 44.5 mm
      • Thin wall
      • Thick wall
  • Rear
    • 32 mm
      • Thin wall
      • Thick wall
    • 25.5 mm
      • Thin wall
      • Thick wall
  • This is by and large  the best front sway-bar on the market for your corvette c5 and c6 race or serious track car 
  • Our unique method of attachment allows us to bolt this sway bar kit in, with almost no modification of the car or suspension. Minor modification includes slight hole englargement for larger fasteners. 
  • Stiffness adjustments can be made easily and quickly by simply rotating the blade. In seconds, you can quickly loosen one screw to rotate the blade to change the stiffness rate. A cockpit adjustable upgrade option is available, for instant adjustability on the fly from the driver seat.
  • Next, we use a hollow 4130 steel tube.  The light weight hollow bars are half the weight of a solid bar with the same stiffness.  The blades are made from the highest quality aerospace materials and heat treated for superior strength and reliability. The blades themselves come from multi championship IMSA chassis constructors.
  • Complete with fully adjustable drop links to eliminate suspension preload. Correctly sized, precision, Teflon-lined rod-ends for smooth and quiet operation, long life, and high reliability. No wear problems seen  due to undersized or low quality rod ends.
  • Bearing blocks  are all CNC machined from aircraft-quality 6061-T6 aluminum for its high strength/weight ratio.  
  • All necessary hardware is provided in zinc plated metric class 8.8, for a complete bolt in solution. Connects to the factory swaybar connection points.
  • All components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the finest and most reliable swaybar on the market.
  • Simple quick stiffness adjustment
  • Large range of adjustment
  • Interchangeable bar sizes
  •  Adjustable drop links with Teflon lined rod ends
  • Complete bolt in kit, everything is included
  • Cockpit adjustable option
  • Superior design, materials, and quality. No compromise, bolt in design!