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GSPEED C8 Trackday Prep Kit

by GSpeed
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The C8 Z51 Corvette is a solid trackday platform that can be made even better with a select few components. Through our testing on our development car we have put together a group of important components that will increase the performance and reliability of your C8 Z51 on track. Our C8 Trackday Prep Kit includes the following components.

  • GSPEED/Cobalt track compound brake pads. These pads have seen extensive track testing and are available in two compounds to suit your needs. Contact our staff to confirm which compound will work best for you. 
  • Spiegler stainless braided brake lines. Replace the factory rubber lines and increase pedal feel and brake performance.
  • Pagid Racing Brake fluid. PAGID Racing Brake Fluid has been specially formulated for racing applications, where brake systems consistently operate at very high temperatures. The typical dry boiling point of 330°C (626°F) is extremely high and guarantees maximum safety against vapor lock.
  • Genesis brake bleeder bottle. These bottles allow you to properly flush or bleed your brake system without making a mess in the paddock or garage. They are available with a magnet or cable attachment. 
  • Two quarts of GM DCTF FFL transmission fluid. Bring your DCT transmission to the recommended fluid level for track use as specified by GM.
  • ZL1 Addons C8 tow hook set. These tow hooks feature quality materials for strength as well as a tasteful design to compliment your C8. It also assures should you ever need to tow your C8 you do not have to worry about track crews strapping to a sensitive component.   

These all add up to properly prepare your C8 for trackday use. You will see better braking performance and have more confidence in what your C8 is capable of. Be sure to follow us to see more track kits to be released in the future.


Due to current supply chain situations some components may have an increased lead time to ship.