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Free Shipping Now Available For Most Orders Over $99! Click For Additional Details



by GSpeed
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GSpeed is the original C7 Cooling pioneers. We have over 20,000 track miles combined across dozens of racers, track day’ers, and enthusiasts. Until now, we did not sell parts to our kits. Learning the market and realizing the stock tank has inherent issues, we have decided to break out a few parts that make our systems unique that simply work. Our tank is fully engineered against cavitation  when bled correctly using our Bleeder kit.

Here is the reason this tank, and the water quality/level in the supercharger system is so important. This issue occurs with no check engine light, no notification, and the driver is none-the-wiser until the throttle closes, and the car is severely de-rated to the tune of 300hp.

System improvements:

  • Re-engineered flow of the system to take advantage of the tank feeding the pump with head pressure, vs the stock system that draws through the heat exchanger.
    • works with stock heat exchanger, and aftermarket stock replacement units, as well as any cooling system that retains stock heat exchanger pump location or fitting sizes.
  • 65% capacity increase
  • No fill cap, only a bleeder. This prevents the user from allowing air to enter, and also  is the highest point for bleeding.
  • Black anodized, high quality aluminum construction
  • No cutting necessary, easily return to OEM condition
  • New coolant lines included, no modification of OEM lines

Kit contents:

  • Tank
  • supercharger to tank hose
  • Tank to intercooler pump hose
  • associated clamps and fittings
  • Heat exchanger hose