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by GSpeed
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GSPEED’s C6 Brushless Fan Conversion Kit was engineered to achieve much higher air flow while eliminating the ever-failing OE fan control module. After developing full track cooling solutions for the C6, we now have an option for our customers who don’t run the complete laydown package.

The fan is manufactured by SPAL and is the same one we install when building our GSPEED Pro Series Race Cars. Racing Trans Am demands a lot of cooling capability and this fan provides the Cubic Feet per Minute needed to keep the engine coolant temperatures down. Eliminating the factory fan control module means that there is less potential of the fan failing when you need it most.

This kit is designed to work with leading brands used in the C6 platform, including GM, DeWitts and Ron Davis. The fan combined with our custom harness, powder coated brackets and stainless-steel hardware make this kit a true bolt on solution. Using the factory PWM means no additional components or programming needed.

The GSPEED Brushless Fan Kit is an absolute plug and play system. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into a GSPEED C6 Laydown Cooling Kit or simply need to replace your factory fan because yet again, the fan control module has failed, this is the kit for you. The value of upgrading to the brushless fan without the OE control module far outweighs the cost and risk of staying with the OE set up.

On Dewitt applications be sure to contact our sales staff to confirm fitment for your application. Brackets designed for 70MM radiator.


  • Brushless fan
  • Powder coated mounting brackets
  • Stainless mounting hardware
  • Plug & play harness.