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by GSpeed
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Is your C5 Corvette having cooling issues? Nothing on the market has provided the ability to bolt in the components and have a race style cooling package like this GSPEED Track Spec cooling package. In the past if you wanted to flip your radiator for added cooling and aerodynamics you were forced to lose the hood hinges, headlights and go through a number of welding processes that the home mechanic typically didn’t have the tools to do.

This kit will  offer the at home racer a number of options ranging from the basics up to a full optioned kit with splitter all while retaining the use of your headlights and hood hinges! 

The main heart of our kit is using a 70MM core aluminum radiator and high flow brushless fan to allow a major reduction in temps and support up to 425whp engines dependent on climate. The package includes the following components:  
  • GSPEED C5 cradle for radiator and oil cooler placement
  • Aluminum 70MM core radiator
  • Brushless fan assembly with controller
  • Radiator duct work
  • Single oil cooler with fan pack and fan pack temperature sensor
  • Brown and Miller stainless braided oil lines with crimped fittings
  • Engine adapter block with option for thermostat flow control
  • Silicone and aluminum coolant hoses with thermostat and housing
  • GSPEED air intake assembly with filter. Choice of MAF or Speed density sensor flange 
  • All necessary wiring harnesses and connectors for the fan, fan packs and inline temperature sensor
  • All the attaching hardware including fasteners, clamps, seals and weather stripping

Optional upgrades for the cooling system are readily available. These include the following components to increase the performance of the system. With the fully optioned package you can enjoy those Texas summer track days without worry.

  • Second oil cooler with fan pack
  • New OE water pump
  • Splitter element includes aluminum rub strips and hardware

*System designed to function with hood vents.