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Free Shipping Now Available For Most Orders Over $99! Click For Additional Details



by GSpeed
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As racers and enthusiasts we can never rest on the components we have developed. With that passion for innovation and performance, we are proud to announce a bolt-in power steering cooling package that will address known issues of overheating.

  1. Bolt-In Power Steering Cooling Package: This product is a power steering cooling package designed to address known issues of overheating in racing and enthusiast cars.
  2. Efficient Core: The cooling package features an extremely efficient core as its base, which has been tested on track cars and has shown significant cooling performance improvements, with over 100-degree temperature differences.
  3. Mounting Brackets: The package includes brackets designed for easy installation in the front cradle area of cars with either stock radiator locations or Gspeed laydown radiators. This makes it adaptable to various car configurations.
  4. Motorsport Grade Lines: The product includes high-quality lines featuring Brown & Miller Racing Solutions AN components. These lines are known for their durability and performance in motorsport applications.
  5. Fittings: The package comes with included fittings that allow for easy connection to your factory reservoir and directly to the steering rack, ensuring a straightforward installation process.

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