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Free Shipping Now Available For Most Orders Over $99! Click For Additional Details


8900 Series FZ09

by Penske
Original price $895.00 - Original price $1,915.00
Original price
$895.00 - $1,915.00
Current price $895.00

Upgrade your inadequate suspension today. Most OE manufacturers have to save money where they can when producing a motorcycle, and the suspension will typically fall short because of this. Penske Racing Shocks works hand in hand with the top professionals in the industry to ensure we supply the best possible upgrades for your bike. For years, we have refined and upgraded our builds to ensure you get the best possible shock for your application. Whether it is a full time track bike, or weekend sport bike, we can guarantee a better performing suspension! From single adjustable to triple adjustable, we have the perfect shock for you!

Stoltec Moto is the industry leading aftermarket expert on the Yamaha Fz09. Check out their website for install photos, testimonials, and expert advice on mounting, riding, and everything in between for your Fz09.

**Click here to look at our fork package for the FZ09**

Product Features (8983 Series)

  • Remote reservoir (8983/8987)
  • In-line Double Adjustable (no res to mount/8975 models)
  • 25 clicks of low speed compression adjustment
  • 30 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Spring preload adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment
  • Torrington thrust bearing to limit spring binding under compression and ease preload adjustment
  • Custom sprung and valved per rider weight and riding style
  • Fully rebuildable
  • 100% designed and manufactured in USA

**All shocks are hand built to order specifications. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for processing; however lead times may be much longer depending on seasonality. For more information on specific product lead times, or if you require a specific delivery date, please inquire before ordering.**