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Free Shipping Now Available For Most Orders Over $99! Click For Additional Details


2015-17 Ford Mustang GT PNP Kit (S550)

by MoTec
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*Please note: These are not available for purchase online. This is purely for informational and pricing purposes. Please contact us directly via phone for details on an M1 system for your project.

The MoTeC 2015–17 FORD MUSTANG GT kit provides a complete replacement for the factory Ford ECU in a V8 equipped Mustang GT. It utilizes the existing vehicle wiring and sensors to deliver plug-in convenience. Using an adapter box and harness and MoTeC M150 ECU the kit delivers fully programmable engine control to the platform while maintaining stock vehicle systems functionality. The M1 ECU is supplied with firmware preloaded that is based on the MoTeC USA Drag package with additional motorsports enhancements and features unique to the 2015 - 2017 Ford Mustang GT V8 (S550).

The kit comprises of the M150 ECU, “Plug-N-Play” adapter box, a MoTeC LTCD and two LSU 4.9 lambda sensors.

Installation of a manifold pressure sensor is required, and installation of a fuel pressure sensor is highly recommended. The spares break out loom has wiring provisions for both sensors. The flexible M1 platform allows the installer to select and calibrate sensors that best suit the range of engine operation.


This package supports the following OE ECU features with user definable parameters:

  • Push button start
  • Air conditioner control
  • High and low speed fan control
  • Fuel lift pump control
  • Cruise control
  • Alternator control
  • Fully functional fuel level gauge with low fuel warning
  • Intake manifold runner control
  • Ghost Cam mode – Provides aggressive idle note with no drivability side effects.
  • Fuel Economy VTC settings
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Immobilizer integration
  • Continued function of odometer and trip meter
  • Oil life meter