Grant Ellis and the Silver Surfer



     “We often mention that our customers are a part of our GSPEED family. That means a great deal to us as we continue to grow, as without that family our growth could not continue. One of our family members is a customer that originally came to us to check out possible seat options for his 2002 C5 Z06 the “Silver Surfer”. He allowed us to set him up with the proper seats, harnesses and related safety equipment. From that first safety project Grant Ellis has been a part of our family and has always shared his experiences with GSPEED to his fellow competitors and anyone looking for the right solution for their project.

      We have loved seeing Grant go from running HPDE events across the country to competing in the TT category at several events. At each event he has competed in he has been able to get a podium finish. He is always eager to help his fellow competitors even when they are battling for a position at an event. It is that level of competitor that makes this sport what it is and we are proud to have him as a customer, friend and part of our GSPEED family. If you bump into him at an event, take a moment to say hello and you will make a new friend that will do his best to help you when you are in need while still being a formidable competitor on track.

     Thank you Grant for being our customer and a proud member of our family.”